Christmas Morning

Ahhhh, here it is. The moment we have all been waiting for… Christmas Morning… I’m probably repeating myself here but just want to say that it was a lovely time we had in New York during the holidays this year. We don’t normally see family during the holidays because of the travel required, but this year we made a special trip out to see Michael’s family in upstate NY. It was the right time, the right year to do it and we are happy to have been able to share such good memories with family. Here is a shot of the princess in her new dress and boots from Omi, which she wore for Christmas morning. So adorable. I couldn’t have dressed her better myself! And just like her Chochie Queen of the universe, (Jennifer Ann Bilyk) she knows how to pose for the camera. Don’t you know we all felt special in her presence that morning as she was spoiled beyond belief with gift after gift. Much love, much fun, and great memories.