So you think you’re funny!

I posted previously that I would put some pictures up of Calliope in her new snow gear and skis. I’ll do better than that, here is some video footage of her first outing in skis. Nevermind the hooligan next to her. He’s just lost his mind. I honestly had no idea Michael was videoing this event. I thought he was taking a succession of photos. But now that I’ve seen it, this is what I have to say. I’ve always been super aware of when someone is watching me, or even just seeing me. I’m ultra vain about my outward appearance. And not just about my fashion. I care what my actions say about me as a person. When a camera or video device appears, I put on a little dance, a little entertainment for the crowd so to speak. And in my mind, I thought this was the only time this was true. I’m not normally this funny, dorky little song and dance guy. Well, this video proves otherwise because I truly had no idea I was being recorded and there I am doing a jig and everything! Just hilarious. Please enjoy.

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