Tilden Park – Wildcat Gorge to Selby Trail

Calliope and I went on a little adventure in Tilden Regional Park today. Mikey dropped us off at the Lone Oak trailhead and we started up Wildcat Gorge. It was a very well maintained and heavily used trail. Calliope very much enjoyed meeting all the nice dogs on the trail and seeing the creek. We climbed up the gorge accompanied by the constant sound of the creek which was very nice. The trail had a nice constant grade to it and Calliope climbed the entire gorge to Lake Anza on her own.
About 30 minutes in, we had our first snafu of the trip. Calliope was throwing a massive fit in the middle of the trail and I set her down for a time-out on the side of the trail. In my haste to get things back under control, I failed to notice that I sat her down in a pile of dog pooh. 🙁 After a protracted clean up and fashion change, we got back under way with a whole. Calliope was a trooper through it all; dad is the one who was having the issues.
We got to Lake Anza and sat down to have our big snack before finishing the climb out of the gorge. We were enjoying the nice view of the lake when Calliope got stung by a bee on her lip. After 5 minutes of crying and dad trying to figure out if she was having an allergic reaction to the sting, we cleaned-up at the swimming area and started back up the hill. Calliope’s lip got totally swollen on the way up the hill but she soldiered on.
Calliope ended up on dad’s shoulders for most of the trip up from Anza Lake. We still had a good time; but dad really needed a beer when we got home. 🙂
Total Distance: 3.90 mi
Total Time: 02:57:35
Moving Time: 01:35:37
Average Speed: 1.3 mph
Average Moving Speed: 2.4 mph
Max Speed: 6.3 mph
Min Elevation: 551.18 ft
Max Elevation: 938.32 ft
Elevation Gain: 387.14 ft
Recorded: 9/22/12, 10:35:51 PDT
Time Stopped: 9/22/12, 13:39:07 PDT