Tilden Park – Little Farm to Laurel Canyon

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Calliope, Mikey and I went on a fun little hike in Tilden Regional Park today. We started at the Little Farm looking at the animals. Calliope was totally scared by the chickens, but she loved the rabbits. We then hiked up and down Laurel Canyon. The way up was on the fire road which was somewhat boring. On the way down, we took the smaller trail and Calliope had a super fun time crossing all the small foot bridges.

Total Distance: 3.83 mi
Total Time: 02:18:24
Moving Time: 01:52:55
Average Speed: 1.7 mph
Average Moving Speed: 2.0 mph
Max Speed: 5.8 mph
Min Elevation: 544.62 ft
Max Elevation: 902.23 ft
Elevation Gain: 357.61 ft
Recorded: 9/15/12 10:51:03 PDT
Time Stopped: 9/15/12 13:09:30 PDT

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