Big Change

I don’t know when it actually happened, but I’m still in shock.  Calliope is now a little girl.  She isn’t a baby any longer.  Maybe some have noticed previously, but for me, it happened yesterday, at least my perception thereof.  She hardly toddles any more, she walks from this part of the room to that.  She interacts with such increased knowledge and understanding that its palpable in the room.  Her presence is almighty. I am completely moved.  In no way can I truly convey that which I am feeling.  She has made many such leaps in development over the last 16 months, but this one is significant to me.  She actually singled me out as Daddy followed promptly by calling Michael Dad with such clarity that I was a bit spooked.  She is repeating words and sounds, to the best of her ability, on a regular basis.  So much so that I am paranoid about what comes from mine own mouth.  The hugs she gives are meaningful and so very lovely.  I melt.  It can’t just be coincidence that last week was our last week with Sarah, the babysitter we had for a while now, and that I am spending 90% of my time with her, and her with me.  Its truly a blessing, one that I didn’t even know to ask for… And suddenly, the word family has such strong meaning to me that I am close to tears.  Michael and Calliope are my family.