Puddle Follow Up

Yesterday, I picked Calliope up from Camille’s house where she goes every Wednesday to hang out with her bud all day.  When we got home, she kept doing this weird stomp thing.  She even tried to stomp my flip flopped toes!  And I was quite befuddled.  It was obviously something she picked up over at Camille’s.  Then today it rained cats and dogs as we made our way to the follow up dentist appointment.  On the way home, I had her walk the full block of Walter back to the house and she came across several puddles where she proceeded to stomp in them gleefully. This was obviously what she had learned yesterday.   So she now has a better appreciation of puddles and what they are good for …  Although its not completely clear, because she still stomps in other places that have no puddles, but she is definitely making progress…  Is it hilarious that I find this distinction important?  hmmmm

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