puddles aren’t interesting… yet…

Later today, I received the beckon to follow once again down the hall.  If you missed the description, please read today’s earlier entry.  This time she didn’t have a binky in her mouth, but she had one of her two keen shoes in her hand.  I assumed she wanted her shoes on, and I was right.  In her bedroom, she promptly sat down and kept putting the shoe on top of her foot as if to sign language “Daddy, you know I can’t do it.  You do it!” and so I did.  Then we spent the next fifteen minutes looking for the other one, which is as good as any other time consuming chore, so why not.  We found it and I put it on her other foot and asked her, “What now?”.  To which she replied by going back down the hall and I followed.  But she didn’t turn into her room and went straight to the front door, grabbed the knob and started twisting and turning and pulling as if she knew what she was doing.  I couldn’t help myself and giggled out loud.  She is just full of it today.  It was raining all afternoon and I think on most days I would have encouraged some other activity, but I was just so impressed by her will today that I just went with it, got her little hooded jacket on and opened the door for her.  For the first time ever, she decided that the stairs were not so scary after all and just started marching forward.  It was all I could do to catch her arm before she fell face first and good thing too… it was dirty and wet out!  We made it past the stairs and she proceeded to lead me all the way down the block (towards Duboce) and then decided she was going to crawl down the one step of the curb into the street and then I just about lost it.  Where is she going?  Why so determined?  What is going on here?  She is just a baby.  She can’t be doing all this!  After grinning uncontrollably for several seconds, I grabbed her hand and we trapsed across the street, slippery train tracks, construction and all.  Once we got across, she headed straight for the middle of the park through the grass (the wet grass) and didn’t show signs of slowing.  I’ve never taken her into the grass at the park.  When we go, we tend to go to the children’s little play area.  And even if we did decide to play in the grass, I would go to the area where dogs frequented a lot less to reduce chances of her playing in poo…  Ok, that was it.  I was done.  It was cute and I am happy I went along for as long as I did, but it was raining and now she was playing in knee deep grass (for her anyway) so I swooped her up and we headed home.  She wasn’t thrilled, but I did a little dance in the rain on the sidewalk where some water had puddled and that abated her anger quite nicely.  It even occurred to me that she should splash in the puddles and I started jumping up and down like a five year old making splashes go as far as I could.  She was happy to watch, entranced even.  But when I put her in the middle of the puddle and tried to get her to jump around, she refused.  I suppose it was more amusing to watch me do it than to do it herself.  Oh well, I guess she can’t amaze me every minute of the day.  Maybe her quota was up for the day.  Who knows?!   All I know is that apparently, puddles aren’t interesting yet…

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