dogs, birthdays, fairs and farewells

What an awesome weekend.  Calliope and I headed to Marin on Thursday to do a bit of dog and housesitting over at Ryan and Shannon’s abode, which we all lovingly call the Hacienda.  It was very quiet and peaceful and the dogs were super happy to have a toddler around since Pan was with Ryan and Shannon in DC.  Michael joined us on Friday night and we made chicken curry over rice… yum!  Then Saturday we went to Point Reyes and had a very nice lunch followed by a nice midday nap.   I napped with Olive on the bed which was just wonderful.  Olive being the smaller of the two dogs.  At first, Calliope was petrified of the dogs, especially when they barked, but after some carefully forced time with the dogs, she now laughs when they bark and are roughhousing with one another.  So cute.
We woke up Sunday which was Michael’s birthday, packed up and headed back home to lovely SF.  Time away is always awesome as we get to spend quality time together uninterrupted by our usual chores and “things to do” around the house.  But it is also nice to come home.  Rachel and Matt met us at our house for a little food for Calliope and Piper who played very well together and generally had a good time.  Then we headed out to the Castro Street Fair, which was so much fun.  The band at the main stage was actually quite good and we just stood around the stroller, danced, ate and drank fair wares.  Then we had a very early dinner at Catch, just like last year and had a blast feeding the little ones and catching up in general.
It was a beautiful day, but marked by a certain sadness as our friends have decided to move to Colorado, something they have been hemming and hawing about over the last ten years.  We are so happy for them, but will sorely miss them too.  We just need to make sure we see them plenty before they take off.
Happy Birthday Baby!  I had a great time and hope you did too…