Spring continued…

We had another great spring-like day at Alpine Meadows today. The crowds were up so we spent the morning hiking. We hit Estelle, Lower Grauss, South Face, Sherwood Cliffs and assorted inbounds runs. We had the camcorder with us and got some footage. I haven’t seen it (I headed home before Brian editted it) but I think there was some good footage in there.
After a great lunch, we spent the afternoon skiing with Melida and some other kids from her ski program which was so much fun.

Great early spring day at Alpine Meadows

Brian, Sarah, and crew had a great spring (I know it’s not spring yet but it was 34 degrees on the summit) at Alpine Meadows.  Today was Brian’s birthday and he got to do a lot of good hiking and skiing today.  We hit Beaver, Estelle, Radio Tower, High Traverse, Sherwood Cliffs and Lower 40 and didn’t hit a bad patch of snow on any of them.
Today was Brian’s 41st birthday and as a reward he got to ski with me for the afternoon.  :-).

Brian's 41st Birthday at Alpine Meadows

Mellow day at Alpine Meadows

Had a mellow day at Alpine Meadows.  Brian & Sarah did some ski training in the morning so I was riding by myself.  Did a lot of fun stuff in ‘Chute that Seldom Slides’ and found the best snow on ‘Expert’s Shortcut’.  The top of the mountain was shrouded in clouds all day so none of the hikes were open.  We had slight flurries all day which kept the crowds down.
Met a nice skier Eric on the ride up Summit chair and then again at Scott chair.  We ended up doing several laps on Scott chair together.  I showed him the trees on skier-left of ‘Chute that Seldom Slides’ which he liked very much.

And one more powder day

Had another great powder day today at Alpine Meadows with Brian & Sarah.  Basically a repeat of yesterday.  🙂  Time to drive home and sit in traffic; what fun….  But that’s the price you pay for a pow-pow weekend

Great day at Alpine Meadows

I had a great day at Alpine Meadows today skiing with Brian, Sarah and Adam.  Adam and Brian had their cameras so we got some good shots.  It was a serious powder day (it dropped about 6 feet during the course of the week leading up to the weeked).
Brian posted a trip report here with some of the photos.  Here are two good ones of me coming down ‘Lower 40 Face’: