Dive certification – Day 2

Today was such a better day (a little rain to start but calm seas).  The dive part was much smaller too (5 people including me).  Both our  dives were to Manchones in Cancun.  On the first dive dive we saw an underwater cross and some under water statues.  The second dive, we was a TON of fish and coral formations and a school of massive fish that seemed vaguely human (they were other divers).  And as a bonus, I am now a certified PADI open water scuba diver.

Dive certification — day 1

Did my pool session which was informative yet fairly uninteresting.  We then did 2 ocean dives: Santo Remedio (35ft) and Chitales in Cancun (27ft).  The ride out was rough and the diving was fairly mundane.  But I didn’t manage to figure out all my gear and I think I got hooked on diving on my first dive.