Hairball Surprise!

This is a pretty horrible story, as far as it concerns my parenting skills, but it is hilarious and I swore to record it somewhere, so here it is.
I’m sitting in the living room with Calliope and Frida (our lovely cat).  Just doing the normal morning type of things like crawl around, play with toys, make lots of noise and generally lounge around the living room.  At some point, Frida starts making that half choking noise that she makes when she is about to heave out a nice hairball along with some bile type juices.  I jump up immediately and remove her from the nice area rug to the wood floor where she proceeds to make a mess.  As usual, it is pretty nasty, so my first thought is to clean it up as soon as possible.  I glance over my shoulder and see Calliope looking in my direction curiously and I think to myself… “I will just pop into the kitchen really quick, grab some paper towels and be back before she even knows I’m gone”.  And that is exactly what I tried to do…
Much to my dismay, when I returned from the kitchen, not even a whole minute later, there was Calliope with one finger smearing hairball and all associated juices around.  I just caught her arm before her finger made it to her open mouth.  But that only saved me from “seeing” the horrid event.  There is no telling how many times she had already stuck her finger in there.  And while I was happy not to experience the actual, I took no chances, scooped her up and proceeded to the kitchen to wash her mouth out with soap.
What in tarnation would make me think she couldn’t get across the room that quickly?  Or even better, what made me think that she wasn’t paying attention?  After all the commotion I caused in order to get Frida off the area rug and onto the hardwood floor, of course Calliope was interested.
Se la vie…  We all make our mistakes.  I hope some of you laugh at this heartily and then skip going through it yourselves.  Learn a lesson, please.  Just the image of her finger makes me want to puke up my own hairball… ew!