Car Adventure Day

So today, instead of being tourists on a bus, we were tourists in a rental car.  We grab a day rental and headed south towards ruins at  Telum.  Our original plan was to drive all the way down there, see the ruins and then snorkel a few places on the way home.  Like all good vacation plans, this got derailed right from the get go because all of a sudden I needed food.  So we pulled into a Mexican trailer park in Paamul.  To be fair, were going to stop by on the way home anyway.  We had a wonderful breakfast on the terrace overlooking a beautiful half-moon beach.  After breakfast, we went snorkeling for a bit (tons of sea fans to the left of the boat channel).  We then headed down to Telum and what a picturesque site Telum is.  Wow, it’s just amazing.  To finish up the day, we stopped in Akumal for some snorkeling.  We headed for Yal Ku Lagoon which is where an underground river meets the see.  The fresh and salt water didn’t mix and you could dive down and see and feel the different layers.  The was a good amount of fish but it wasn’t that clear (partially due to non-mixing of the water layers and some sediment being stirred up).  The place had a nice, comfortable feel to it.  We will definitely stop by the next time we’re in the area.