Total tourist day

So we booked a tourist trip to go see Chichen Itza which was actually really awesome.  First off, it’s a 2.5 to 3 hour drive from Cancun to get there and we had a driver, plus a tour guide, plus food & drink, plus umbrellas when we got there.  I had reservations about being with a bunch of touristas (shocker, I know), but we had a good time.  After spending about 3 hours in Chichen Itza, they took us to a pretty rocking buffet lunch and then we got to swim in a cenote (a limestone sinkhole).  We visited Cenote Ik-Kil It sounds a lot more interesting (I was expecting something more along the lines of caving), but it was beautiful and I got to swim in it.  So all in all, a very good day of being a tourist in Cancun.